Principal’s Message
Posted On:
Thursday, July 21, 2016

“Parent Partnership to Improve Performance”

An Invitation to Work Together

Dear Gardners Community,

The commitment to the students here at Gardners that this school community shows year is outstanding. We all know how much we value the education of every child, and this is why we must take the charge again this year to “partner to improve performance.” Every staff member understands his or her role exists to support learning environment for the children. I ask that you as parents, community and business leaders keep in mind that your support and interaction with the staff is highly respected.  We know that it takes our working together to help each child learn and grow and that this is one the greatest responsibilities that we could ever hold. How we handle our students today is the bridge we build to their future.

Students are first at Gardners.  And since this is what we believe, then I invite you to join us in the our pledge that every child grows at Gardners  

We know that nothing can replace the traditional values of character that mold our Cubs into hard-working adult citizens.  These values are the foundation to each student’s ability to meet the challenges and the changes that exist in our schools and in our communities. The 21st Century is here the key to change, however, is to know that change means a challenge is at hand, with solidarity of character, we can handle it – we can and our children can. Neither you nor we want to see our children left behind.

Yes, there are some things that need not change, and some that must. With that in mind, I charge this year, as last, that we continue our transition from the past to the present, and to the future, teaching our students to have a strong work ethic and integrity. It is our duty to grow our students college, career, and community ready.

There is nothing more valuable than the investment of educating our students.  Together let us take this charge again this academic year. Let us together grow every child, knowing that when we teach and they learn, we build a future.    


Mrs. P. Walthall, Principal






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